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Cultural Herbal Medicinal Therapy for the Womb, Level 2

September 18, 2021 @ 10:00 am - 8:00 pm

Cultural Herbal Medicinal Therapy for the Womb, Level 2; Addressing Sexual Trauma—Our conversation, Our challenges, Our healing.

About this event

We are defining Female Sexual Trauma [PTSD] as any enduring physical, emotional, or psychological (internal or external) resulting from a physical or psychological sexual assault. Arguably throughout history, these assaults occur and many ways, but the outcome is the same—lingering internal wellness complications.

We are happy that “Cultural Herbal Medicinal Therapy for the Womb, Level 2 through an interactive hybrid session on Saturday, September 18th, 2021 will address these issues and more. We are happy that you will participate in our one day healing retreat—which will help women deal with this trauma while allowing them to practice self-care, healing, and vitality.




Dr. Flora Luyando: [Host] Acupoints and Sacral Movement Therapy[ focusing on the Sacral and Root Chakras ]

Dr. Chaula Patel: [ Co-Host] Ayuveda Therapy

Sussan Lad; Reiki [Focusing on Mudra Meditation Therapy]

Dr. Galya Loewenstein- Voice Chakra Healing [ Voice Box Therapy]

Dr. Tanya Cleo Austin: – Sound Bowl HealingSiobhan Zaniewski: – Tapping Healing

Bashea Imana- Yoga